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make LA

redefining the future mediatheque
instructor: Alvin Huang, 2013



Digital Fabrication has democratized design and revolutionized the execution of architecture. The Digital Fabrication Era, or the Third Industrial Revolution, is creating a new design culture, which reciprocates the mass-production culture that came about with the First Industrial Revolution. Since the First Industrial Revolution, the designer has been separated from the fabrication process. With the Third Industrial Revolution, however, the fabrication process sees an opportunity to be reintegrated with the design process, as was the case in Classical architecture. The current Industrial Revolution has inevitably brought a change in the culture of design—from “conception to production.”

Moreover, this post digital fabrication and design library draws a continuous surface where design can be conceived, designed, and manufactured providing access to the growing Maker culture. The tiered spaces catalyze the exchange of working energy and exposure. The circulation not only creates a physical connection of the tiered spaces, but also a visual connection between the users and the spaces.